• Fanatic Quad TE 2013

Under the lip. Down the line. If you’re a Waveriding purist, the Quad is your Waveboard. Designed to operate at maximum performance close to the curl, the Quad has been tuned up even more. A new scoop rocker line with a reduced concave / double concave bottom shape, plus the wider center with a flatter deck, offers simple stability combined with the snappiest of turns. Maintaining the Quad’s well-respected and thoroughly-tested surfing and planing abilities while increasing the comfort and usability was the goal – a tough challenge. With many weeks of on-the-water testing, countless prototypes, and hours and hours of analysis, we have finally found the combination of design features that works for everyone, while improving on the performance of its very successful predecessor. An early planing, easy-to-use board – designed for radical Wave action. Ride the Quad, and rip the wave to pieces.

Key Features
- 3 new, fully-developed shapes
- Side fins with slight tow for perfect water flow, maximum grip, and projection
- New scoop rocker line with a lower entry and slightly more tail rocker for surfing action, with power, grip and speed
- Reduced concaves to compensate for lower rocker; maximum carving and low-end performance
- Short and compact outlines for tight radius turns
- Rounded square tails for additional projection and snappier turns
- Wider center with flatter deck for early planing and easy balance and stand
- CAD analyzed concave / double concave bottom shape reworked to deliver more early planing performance and more speed on the wave, including a power section between the foot straps
- SlotBox fin system for reduced weight and drag

PWA Vice World Wave Champ 2012 Victor Fernandez on the new Quad:
“The Quad is the most radical wave board in our Fanatic Wave range. For me it's the perfect board for getting into the new wave school moves as takas, backside 360´s, fast turns and big carves. Since our first Fanatic Quad until now we stepped up a lot and I have to thanks these boards, they helped me so much to improve my wave riding skills, I´m very happy with this board!”

Fanatic Quad TE 2013

  • Hersteller Fanatic
  • Artikelnr. 13400-1000
  • Verfügbarkeit Lagernd
  • CHF 2.449,00
  • CHF 899,00

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